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UiTM Academic Awards 2016

Anugerah Akademik UiTM (AAU) was introduced in 2009 with the aim of providing recognition to the academic excellence of lecturers who have brought the name of UiTM to the global stage. Nominations for awards are open to all academicians in UiTM. For AAU 2016, a total of 13 award categories are open for nomination. The award ceremony for AAU will be conducted in March 2017 during UiTM’s annual Academic Conference. Winners of the main categories of AAU will be nominated for the 2016 Anugerah Akademik Negara (AAN).

Main Categories:

1. Anugerah Tokoh Akademik (Academic Icon Award)

2. Anugerah Ahli Akademik Harapan (Most Promising Academician Award)

3. Anugerah Inovasi dan Pengkomersilan Produk (Product Innovation and Commercialization Award)

4. Anugerah Penerbitan Makalah Jurnal (Journal Article Publication Award)

5. Anugerah Pengajaran (Teaching Award)

6. Anugerah Penerbitan Buku (Book Publication Award)

7. Anugerah Seni dan Kreativiti (Arts and Creativity Award)


Special Categories:

8. Anugerah Kepimpinan Akademik (Academic Leadership Award)

9. Anugerah Penyelidik Terbaik (Best Researcher Award)

10. Anugerah Penulis Terbaik (Best Writer Award)

11. Anugerah Penceramah Terbaik (Best Speaker Award)

12. Anugerah e-Pembelajaran (e-Learning Award)

13. Anugerah Penyelia Terbaik (Best Supervisor Award)


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