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What we see and hear can shape our mind, behaviour – UiTM’s Anita MD Shariff

This image released by Disney, Josh Gad, left, and Luke Evans appear in a scene from, “Beauty and the Beast.” UiTM’s Anita Md Shariff believes that the impact of TV and movies on any society is so significant that almost nothing can match or surpass it and decries the decision to not censor the purported “gay” scene in the movie. AP Photo

I BEG to differ with Tan Sri Mohd Sheriff Mohd Kassim (“Viewers can think for themselves” — NST, March 19). He disagrees with the earlier decision to cut the “gay moment” scene in the Beauty and the Beast movie.

As a parent and academician, I cannot ignore the significant influence of the entertainment industry on the behaviour of my children and students.

The impact of TV and movies on any society is so significant that almost nothing can match or surpass it. This fact has long been proven in much academic research.

We know that what we see and hear can shape our mind. The more negative behaviours being screened, the more likely the behaviour will be adopted.

Cultivation Theory (1976)

Have you ever wondered why our society is experiencing moral collapse? Things are getting worse by the day despite efforts taken by the government, educators and others to curtail social problems. What has moved them away from the right moral and religious conducts?

The entertainment industry and social media contain significant doses of violence, crime, sex, etc. All these play a significant role in corrupting the mind of our people and the future generation.

If we are ready to forego our priceless values and accept the destruction of our family and social institutions, we should consider doing away with censorship.

And, when damage is done, there is no use crying over spilt milk!


UiTM, Dungun, Terengganu

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