Foodie Tips For Busy Students (College Edition)


By: Syazwani14cats

There is a growing amount of activity lately in the past week as it is that time of the year when the once lifeless university campuses across the country are invaded by a ferociously unstoppable army. But by who, you ask. Why, it is your good self, reader. The good month of September is finally here and bringing forth students both old and newly enrolled to a brand new semester.

This may seem quite blunt to point out but for many of us who are familiar with staying apart from our families and living on our own, keeping ourselves in good shape and healthy is a challenging task indeed.

Who’s with me on this one? Because let’s admit it, trying to adapt to changing environments such as moving into a new college room every semester, making new friends, pulling our hairs out by their roots from dealing with hefty assignments, in their own way, affect how we manage our health.

To cease this dilemma, this blog post will exclusively be about tips on managing our health for the better on a low budget and our tight schedule.

Let’s talk about one of the top things on our list of surviving college — FOOD. We all love food and the tastier they are, the more we chase after it. Personally, I’m 100% into this life motto. However, the reality of today is, getting good nutritious food outside is challenging. And this is especially if you’re living in college and having to rely on foods sold at food courts or any other shops nearby. They’ll taste good to the buds for now, but as the clock ticks by, it grows on us and we’ll crave for something outside of oily and greasy foods.

Cooking in dorms is simply out of the question and it is banned unless there is by some miracle, a fully equipped pantry for students to use. However, in most cases, this is rare and most of us have to make do with buying our meals or being creative in cooking with a kettle (or sneak in a rice cooker, come on, we’ve all been there).

So what can we do?

In the book, “Lebih Baik Makan ini, Bukan itu” by Dr. Zahara Abd Manaf, it provides readers with a choice on which of two popularly prepared dishes in local cafes or restaurants are healthier. In other words, you can make a life changing choice to pick foods that are better for you out there. Do your research on healthier dishes so you can make a comparison and have complete control of your calorie intake. It’s also a great idea to make sure you’re always fuelled by tasty and fresh fruits every day. They’re easy to find in shops and some of the more popular fruit varieties in UiTM Shah Alam campus are pineapple, guavas, and papaya.

And to spare your poor wallet a break, insert meals that you can easily prepare yourself and save up on your allowance!

Next, drink lots of H²0. For a fully functional body to work throughout the day, we need to consume at least 7-8 glasses of water daily and this is even more crucial if we’re active in college or having to walk in tough campus terrains (Ehum… UiTM Shah Alam!). Always carry a water bottle with you like it’s your last tank of water in an apocalypse!

Finally, one of the most important factors to our overall well-being is not skipping meals. ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST. It’s not a rare habit as one study shows that almost a majority of students involved in their research skip their breakfast that results in low energy. Putting off your breakfast isn’t the way to go even if we don’t have the appetite for it or running out of time. The same study continues saying that stress and our body composition are easily affected by this habit. When there is a problem, there will always be a solution for it. In this case, a proper time management and healthier sleep schedule can cure our appetite for breakfast.

Have a blast this semester!

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